Original bouncing candy and croquette dispenser


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🏈MOTIVE EXERCISE: This smart container, due to its shape, will promote physical practice by distributing automatically, unpredictably, slowly and randomly kibble and treats. This will also prevent him from gaining weight through lack of action.
➕ PHYSICAL AND MENTAL STIMULATION: Made of strong and natural rubber, this diffuser is ideal for chewing and keeping teeth, molar, gums and teeth strong and healthy. This healthy toy acts like a brush and helps your companion to: Avoid daily boredom through play, avoid weight gain, tartar and destroy shoes, sofas and other personal items. Improves Thinking, Intelligence and avoids bad aggressive and biting behaviors
💪 INDESTRUCTIBLE: Are you looking for an odorless, playful, durable and indestructible toy combining strategy, pleasure of play, interaction, interactive activity and agility? You will be enchanted by this bouncy game from the pet department. Ideal for his little birthday present. It is advisable to eat healthy and low-calorie treats.
🚿 EASY TO CLEAN: Its balloon shape is ideal for quick and easy cleaning. It’s easy to put it in the top dishwasher rack or just in soapy water. Non-toxic product


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