Hamster Climbing Ladder Toys, Rat Rodent Accessories


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Deformable DIY Design — The ladder is constructed of wood and metal. It is deformable and flexible. It allows you to reshape the length and diameter of the spools with the bendable inner wire. You can shape it into the shape of your choice.
Suitable for many small and medium-sized animals — The toy is suitable for all kinds of medium or small-sized animals. Such as parrot, squirrel, hedgehog, chinchillas, hamsters, etc.
Encouraging Exercise – The ladders can provide your pet with a safe and comfortable place to play and exercise, encourage your pet to exercise more and stay healthy.
Wide Spectrum — It is perfect for parrots, hamsters and squirrels to stand, jump or rest in the cage.
Quality materials — The toy is made of high quality material, which is non-toxic, sturdy and durable. And all parts are rounded and smooth, avoid hurting the porrat.


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