8 Packs Bird Toys, Parrot Bird Wooden Chewing Toys


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🦜 [Unique Design] This rocking bird toy is made of coconut shell, wooden ladder and crispy bells. Wooden materials are safe for birds. When pet birds swing, fly, chew and climb, the metal bells make a pleasant sound. It is a good budgie toy in a cage.
🦜 [Have fun, play sports] A special parrot swing, matching the nature of pecking birds. They easily attract birds, allowing them to exercise and strengthen their muscles by swinging, playing and floating.
🦜 [Easy to install] Each parrot toy has a removable hook on the top, which can be easily tied and connected to the cage. Decorating the birdcage with this bird toy can not only beautify the pet’s house, but also make the parrot play and exercise happily.


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